Wanting to Sell? What You Need to Know About the Spring Market:

Real estate is about more than just location; it’s also about timing! The Spring market is here and oftentimes may be perplexing- read on for things you should be aware of with the spring market!

The Spring Market Starts Earlier Than You Think

The unofficial start of the spring market begins in February, which is considerably sooner than most people think. If you wait until May, keep in mind that many buyers will have already made their purchases by then. Begin today by planning with us on price, presentation, and impending competition!

There’s More Competition

In the spring, there are often more buyers searching, but the bad news is that means there will be more sellers as well. This implies more competition for you and more goods for a buyer to pick from. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your house must be the shining light. Proper presentation, pricing, and pre-market hype are critical components of a successful launch and swift offers.

Get Your Finances in Order

A buyer should be aware of any HOA dues, property taxes, and pending or possible assessments. If you are unsure about your building’s financial health, now is the time to find out! Parcel can help you contact your property management for the most up-to-date information.

Let The Spring Cleaning Commence!

It’s finally time to do some spring cleaning! Buyers like homes with plenty of room. Not sure where to begin? We advocate decluttering closets, removing trinkets, and selecting neutral colors for beds, cushions, and walls. A fresh coat of paint, as well as small details such as new hardware on kitchen cabinets or a statement light bulb over the dining table, can completely change a room. Don’t forget to replace light bulbs around the house, as well as a thorough cleaning!

Let’s Get You Started!

Are you prepared to sell your home in the spring market? If this is the case, contact Parcel Real Estate to develop a comprehensive plan and get your house ready for the market! To learn more, contact Jill Johnson.