About Parcel.

We love real estate. It’s our passion. But we believe our work and purpose is about more than the transaction. We believe in our purpose to develop communities, to serve and connect people, and empower them to succeed.

Parcel Real Estate is a family owned full service real estate brokerage with roots in Central Minnesota. Our team is friendly and approachable, loyal as the day is long. We greet each and every person we meet with genuine kindness and friendliness. We always want to know more about the people in our lives and what they’re looking for, dreaming of, and planning to accomplish.

We love a good story and appreciate the smallest of details. We see beauty in everything. We understand hard work and a good word go a long way.

Our brand is simply an embodiment of our values and modest sensibility. There is an inherent honesty and tailor-made fit to our story that deviates from the norm in our industry.

We can’t wait to be your trusted partner.