The Parcel Process.

The time is here – you have decided to purchase a home or sell your house, and we are sure you have a lot of questions! We are happy to assist you on this journey from start to finish and can assure you when you are sitting at the closing table that no stone was left unturned. Here’s how we guide our clients through The Parcel Process.

Partnership. We start by understanding your needs and mapping out specific goals. This will be our guide through the experience.

Preparation. We guide your preparation: getting financials in order, preparing your property for sale and all the details in between.

Search. Our team will promote, search and deliver options to you. We pride ourselves on removing your stress and burden.

Negotiate. As we approach the final sale, our team will negotiate on your behalf to ensure no surprises and goals achieved.

Close. When the closing papers are signed, we celebrate with you! And, we continue to serve you as a lifelong partner.

We believe our work and purpose is about more than the transaction. We believe in our purpose to develop communities, to serve and connect people, and empower them to succeed. To that end, Parcel Real Estate will be your partner beyond the closing date.